optical control GmbH
Industry 4.0 ready

optical control has been dealing with non-contact, X-ray based component counting for several years.

In collaboration with their associated company elektron systeme (a full-service provider for manufacturing electronic components and systems) and the Fraunhofer Institute ERZT, optical control developed the first automated X-ray scanner for counting electronic components. The third generation of the OC-SCAN®CCX is now on the market. Software and functions are continuously adapted to the real needs of the manufacturing industry. All further developments are tested by elektron systeme under real production conditions. Experiences and wishes from the production of electronic components are therefore actively incorporated into the development of the component counter.

The OC-SCAN®CCX was presented to the world as a novelty in 2013. The system simplifies the material inventory process for the electronic industry in a significant and measurable manner. The OC-SCAN®CCX can be used efficiently to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve component safety, reduce workloads and increase customer satisfaction.

In the meantime, the system has been established worldwide as a standard equipment in industry 4.0 SMT production.


From the EMS for the EMS

The cooperation with elektron systeme has proven to be very fruitful.

The OC-SCAN®CCX benefits from the advantages of having development and production under one roof. As a result, the electronics manufacturing system (EMS) industry uses its own innovative strength to optimize its services.

optical control is domiciled in the Franconian Weissenohe near Nuremberg and is a subsidiary of the elsysko group.