The optical control team always surprises with new functions, simplified handling and even better results. At the productronica in München, the contactless component counter OC-SCAN®CCX.3 shows how Sticks and Trays are counted in a matter of seconds. 

It’s now four years ago that the component counter OC-SCAN®CCX was launched on the market as an absolute worldwide first. Today, the X-ray scanner is almost one of the standard equipment for the SMT manufacturing and is the prerequisite making progress possible for the Industry 4.0.
The CCX is found at the production facilities of Zollner, Sennheiser, Hella and Siemens and leads to an increased efficiency in inventory control, conservation of resources and reduction of capital tie-up.

The EMS as a base for the whole electronic branch

Jointly with elektron systeme, our sister company and electronic service provider, optical control and the Fraunhofer Institut ERZT developed the first full-automatic contactless X-ray scanner for electronic components. Now, the OC-SCAN®CCX.3 is available on the market in its third generation. Software and functions are adapted in a lively exchange to the real requirements in the electronics branch. This clearly provides the great advantage that development and production have a common in this sector. The EMS branch uses its own innovation power for the optimization of services.

“The start was certainly not an immediate success”, says Wolfgang Peter, director of optical control, with the realistic appraisal based on experience. “It took quite a time to convince some customers again that the CCX offers real cash-value benefits.” Now, we are very proud that Hella, Siemens and Zollner – the Who-is-Who in the electronic branch – have already ordered the second machine for the optimal equipment of their plants.“

CCX – it makes a difference

The automated component recognition detects and counts the unknown building parts without external support within approx.10 seconds. This is the reason why customers decide for the CCX in a direct comparison to its direct competition. Its easy and intuitive operation by company employees and data safety supported by the intelligent database onsite provide optimal protection of also sensitive data.