optical control is specialized in image acquisition and interpretation systems for industry. The company had developed in cooperation with elektron systeme, an electronics service manufacturer and sister company of optical control, and Fraunhofer Institute, a specialist for X-ray technology, the first contactless component counter for the electronic industry. Meanwhile it is the third generation in market.

GRSYS SERVICE LTDA offers quality solutions and services to the electronics industry, GRSYS is to be recognized as a company that provides solutions and services with quality, efficiency, agility while offering its customers competitive costs.

Since last summer optical control and GRSYS support each other to make OC-SCAN®CCX successful for EMS-manufacturer!

And now optical control will exhibit at FIEE 2017 taking place July 25-28 at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in São Paulo, Brazil.

GRSYS and optical control will feature the fastest component counter. They will bring customers an innovative product for being prepared for Industry 4.0. Today the x-ray scanner is becoming standard equipment in SMD production and for Industry 4.0.