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HELLA, the leading manufacturer of innovative lighting systems and vehicular electronics, is also using the OC-SCAN-CCX component counter from optical control. “By automating the counting process, we have gained significant advantages in terms of time, which has had positive effects on production”, declares André Hasselmann from HELLA Electronic Prototyping. “The advantages can be easily seen in the manufacturing of prototypes, where a number of components are used in a variety of projects.” For HELLA’s employees, the advantages of this technology are evident not only in the ease of operation of the machines, but also in the increased planning capability of the projects: When inspecting goods received, erroneously filled barrels can be detected immediately and entered into the system accordingly, thus visibly increasing the control options and capability to schedule the start of the production.


Continental is one of the leading automotive and systems supplier. As a supplier for systems and components for the powertrain and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and tires, the prototype manufacturing plays a decisive role for Continental.

The X-ray component counter OC-SCAN®CCX is located in Ingolstadt (in the prototype SMD-storage of Continental) and is daily used for constant monitoring of stock levels. Continental processes a wide variety of different components and definitely needs to know exact stock figures.

Easy handling of the CCX and improved planning capability of the processes increase the economic efficiency of the whole company. Stock aberrations are detected immediately and can be entered into the system accordingly. Thus, ensuring material availability and avoiding the downtime on process or change of production plan.


“We no longer have any major differences in inventory and we can even provide customers with an extra service of supplying them with an exact evaluation when they provide us with reels . The customers are pleased about this and use more of our services”, says Uwe Schulze, Managing Director of EPSa. “Aside from this, we finally have a correct proof of expected usage vs. actual usage for components used for the order and our current physical inventory.” In the meantime, CCX has been integrated into the entire manufacturing and logistics process. Even the purchasing department sends rolls to the OC-SCAN®CCX for counting. An equipment modification due to shortage of material or stock has been heavily reduced. On the contrary, it has already been proven that sometimes twice as many components were needed as were suggested for some reason. The causes of the errors are now being identified, which allows existing inefficiency to be corrected.


“Due to frequent equipment changes, we scan roughly 500 barrels daily, which are shelved for four manufacturing lines in our automated warehouse. OC-SCAN®CCX helps us with the exact determination of the reel inventory after usage on the manufacturing lines. Compared to other methods, the new X-ray method is unrivalled in its speed and increases the runtime at the production lines due to the very precise data acquisition”, raves ETL’s Production Manager, Michael Jäger, while looking at the new OC-SCAN®CCX component counter from optical control. “The issue of missing parts has been practically dealt with through the use of the scanner.”


elektron systeme now has a grip on problems with SMD barrels provided by customers thanks to the OC-SCAN® CCX. “Using the X-ray scanner, we can determine reliable part counts both during receipt of goods and at the end of the manufacturing process, which prevents problems and disagreements”, explains Harald Weiss, Technical Operations Manager, who further states, “We are happy to be able to offer exact evaluation to our customers as a free additional service.” The actual quantity of materials processed can be re-calculated and unplanned increases in consumption detected immediately. If all of the savings and advantages are added up, the amortization period for the new component counter amounts to less than one year.


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Meanwhile the OC-SCAN®CCX contactless component counter has become indispensable from the modern electronics manufacturing sector companies since its market introduction. Big electronic companies, such as SIEMENS, ZOLLNER, SIGMATEC, CONTINENTAL, SENNHEISER have installed the CCX for more efficiency. It saves time, money and is last but not least environmental.